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Please note that we only accept e-transfer payments from your bank

Please send your e-transfer to registration@springbrookroyals.ca

There are five steps involved in registering
  1. Collecting Player Information
  2. Collecting Parent/Guardian Information
  3. Acknowledgement of Terms and Conditions
  4. Registering where the player has played previously
  5. Send e-transfer
Please note that until payment is received, you are not fully registered

We do not hold spots for players till payment is received so therefore you could lose your spot

Once payment is received by Springbrook Royals you will receive a confirmation email that your registration is completed

Please include Players' Name(s) in the message of the e-transfer

During the on-line registration process you will be asked to confirm that you have read and understood Rowan's Law as well Ontario Amateur Softball Accociation's Code of Conduct Policy. If you haven't read them, click on the OASA Links button below and a new page will open containing the necessary documents. More information about Rowan's Law from the Ontario Goverment can be read by clicking on the Rowan's Law button below